Performance Accountability means the individual owns his or her personal development and business results. We take what top performers do by instinct and structure it in a usable application so it is done by design. We know 70% of development occurs through on-the-job experience, tasks, and problem-solving. We enable learning by providing a creative on-demand coaching strategy.Our technology helps to diagnose individual gaps against industry and company benchmarks. We can than determine if the individual sales representative is underperforming due to sales effectiveness or sales productivity?

  • Sales Effectiveness: The tool provides guidance for corrective action to improve probability of winning an opportunity.
  • Sales Productivity: The tool provides guidance for corrective action to improve the “right” level of activity and supporting behaviors.
  • The tool provides a summary of an opportunity to help the sales representative determine if they have a good business opportunity and if they can win it. This is tailored to the company’s specific qualification criteria.
  • Each score is calibrated to the individual sales representatives past deals to diagnose areas of focus to improve the probability of winning.
  • Our On-Demand Coaching provides specific advice on how to win the opportunity. This is also critical to reduce the time and cost of on boarding new team members.
  • The tool provides the sales representative visible progress especially in longer sales cycles.
  • The individual attributes of the sales representative drive the execution of skills. This is why top performers tend to score higher in assessment results in attributes and also maximize a company’s investment in training or technology.
  • Because sales representatives are subject to more ups and downs than any other profession, this tool is critical to gauge how an individual is feeling from an attitude, motivation and accountability perspective at a given moment in time. Its on-demand coaching strategies are meant to help the sales representative through challenging times and keep them focused on achievement. Opportunity Diagnostic Opportunity Diagnostic Opportunity Diagnostic Summary Opportunity Diagnostic Summary Attributes Diagnostic Attributes Diagnostic